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Community Catalysts California offers a variety of services to people within the full spectrum of types of disabilities. Everyday our professional staff members are committed to people with disabilities to help them succeed in their daily lives, work, home and in their communities. We achieve success in services by:

  • Providing the client with appropriate and effective services
  • Serving each client in the least restrictive environment
  • Increasing the independence of all clients served
  • Assisting each person with improving his/her quality of life

Tailored Services for People with Disabilities

Community Catalysts California is always ready to build a partnership with individuals and their circle of support. All of our services begin with the following steps:

Step 1
Community Catalysts California professionals begin working with the client and his or her support team to provide support, assistance, and guidance to help each individual make informed choices about services.

Step 2
An assessment process identifies the strengths, desired outcomes, challenges, strategies and identifies resources/natural supports for the individual.

Step 3
Development of an individualized plan that consists of goals and objectives that will assist the individual in reaching different skill levels at home, work, and in the community.

Goals of Services:

  • Person centered thinking and careful, reality based planning and problem solving
  • Individualizing services to meet the client’s own goals and objectives
  • Collaboration with other agencies for services and consultation in order to access community resources
  • Collection of input from the people, agencies, and communities served
  • Community Catalysts California uses this information to provide better programs in all geographical areas it serves
  • Flexibility to work with each individual’s circumstances. Community Catalysts California is not held at any one model of intervention or support


Community Catalysts is excited to be developing an innovative online skills training program, iNFLIGHT Skills Academy, to teach independent living, vocational, and social skills to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism.

Online learning has become common in education, and for good reason: it offers learners the flexibility to learn at their own pace, allows the learner to schedule class time around their busy schedules, provides access to those in rural areas or with limited access to transportation, uses technology to make the content more accessible (such as closed captioning, audio, visual, recorded seminars, multi-modal assignments and more), and provides the “quiet learner” the opportunity to be heard.  That’s why Community Catalysts is excited to be working to offer this unique post-secondary programming designed with neurodiverse learners in mind but open to all learners!

iNFLIGHT Skills Academy will offer many courses* including but not limited to:

  • Personal Safety
  • Money Management
  • Healthy You
  • Time Management & Organization
  • Social Skills & Healthy Relationships
  • Cooking and Meal Planning
  • Social Connections Using Technology
  • Brain Fitness (Executive Functioning)
  • Creating Safe Spaces
  • Citizenship & Social Justice: How to be a Part of Your Community
  • Employment Skills
  • And more!

We are anticipating courses to run for five weeks, with each week focusing on its own topic or unit. There will also be seminars (live & online) as well as a self-paced, interactive online classroom.

Funding: Private pay and Community Catalysts is currently seeking funding approval from state regional centers.

For more information, please contact us at (858)292-2022 or [email protected]

*Community Catalysts has partnered with STRIVE, an organization in Maine like Community Catalysts, to be the exclusive California provider of their STRIVE WorldWIDE® online educational content.

Community Living Services

Our community living services are focused on assisting individuals to live as independently as possible in their own homes and communities. Direct Service Aides provide comprehensive and inclusive training and personal support services to the degree required by the client.


Community Catalysts California actively supports the belief that people with disabilities are an integral part of the community and these principles serve as our daily work guide. Our clients choose where and with whom they want to live, they direct the services they receive, they decide who is a part of their circle of support, and they choose what clubs, groups or churches they join. All of our services are provided at the times and locations when our clients prefer.

Supported Living Services

In the supported living program a client may be paired with a roommate, neighbor, or other support person, if preferred. This roommate may share the living space, the household responsibilities and expenses, or just be close by when needed to provide added security and companionship. The Direct Service Aides provide training and personal support services.

Supported living is an alternative to halfway houses or pre-apartment group homes. Individuals who would not have been expected to function independently find themselves able to cope with daily living problems with the added support so they can live in their own home or apartment.

Expected Client Outcomes:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Integration into the community by participating in activities of their choosing
  • Become more skilled and self-sufficient, so that paid support, training and intervention will decrease
  • Develop a support team that will help them make a written plan
  • Participation in a realistic assessment of their interests, abilities and experiences in their own community
  • Training and support services received to allow them to be successful in living in the community
  • Have access to adaptive systems and equipment that make learning and living easier
  • Learn new or improve their existing skills for living and working in the community
  • Have back up support when their needs change
  • Have emergency plans in place

Independent Living Services

Community Catalysts California offers assistance and training to help clients with the skills necessary to have one’s own home or apartment with minimal assistance to be as fully self-sufficient as possible. The process begins by increasing self-reliance by means of providing a balance of support, counseling and training in the home.

In Independent Living a Direct Service Aide will come out to a client’s apartment or home usually a few hours each week as needed to help the clients be successful in maintaining their living situation.

Type of Training or Support Services Offered in Supported and Independent Living Program Services:

  • Housing search
  • Tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Money management
  • Household maintenance
  • Medication management
  • Personal health and hygiene
  • Shopping
  • Medical appointments
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Coordination of In-Home Support Services

  • Social skill development
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Assistance with academics
  • Safety planning and preparation
  • Problem solving
  • Advocacy
  • Transportation training
  • Parenting skills
  • Mental Health symptom management
  • Much more!

Employment Services

We assist job seekers with disabilities look for the right job, get the job and keep real jobs.

To view our Employment brochure click here.

Employment Services are geared towards seeking, securing, and maintaining employment to ultimately create employment linkages with local businesses. Our staff team provides quality mobility training, job training, job development and placement services to individuals and companies.

We assess our clients’ strengths and skills and develop a resume based on work experience and the desired job, and we provide job interview training. When a job has been secured, we directly support the client and employer with on-the-job training. Our team is available with training and advocacy when new job challenges present.

Competitive Wages Employment – Individual Placement

Often Community Catalysts California is asked to act as a placement service for individuals seeking competitive work in the community. In these cases, job leads and interviews are specifically tailored to the interests and skills of a client. Community Catalysts California acts as an agent to help the client secure his/her employment and then monitor the individual’s progress. Little or no on-site, post-employment support is provided. The type and amount of intervention provided is determined by the funding agency.

Competitive Wages Employment – Supported Employment

Supported Employment is a job placement and post-employment support program that combines the aspects of the Individual Placement program with on and off-site job support and follow along.

Day Program Services

Our Day Program Services are community-based and are provided for individuals seeking limited paid employment, volunteer work and educational or social activities in their local community. This service is for people who prefer to work in small groups of three.

Expected Client Outcomes:

  • Improve quality of life
  • Increases self-advocacy skills
  • Integrate into the community by accessing and participating in activities
  • Improvement in skills of living and working in the community
  • Involved in limited paid work, volunteer work, educational and/or recreational activities in the community

Tailor Day Program Services

A specialized service option within our Day Program Services is the Tailor Day Program component.  This community based service provides limited one-on-one support,  structured dependent upon the client’s individualized choices and needs.  The options for support include:

  • Assistance with Post-Secondary Education-for individuals who are attending or want to attend college.
  • Social/Recreational Opportunities-for individuals who require assistance accessing and participating in recreational activities.
  • Employment Opportunities-for individuals seeking vocational training, volunteer, or job opportunities.

Transportation Services

We offer individualized and group transportation programs when public transportation is not accessible or appropriate to the specific needs of the person. This service is available one time or for on-going services. Our Transportation services vary by service region.

The Transportation Response to Individualized Program Services (T.R.I.P.S.) located in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties provides transportation to individuals with developmental, physical and emotional disabilities when no other means of transportation is available. The majority of T.R.I.P.S. provided are for individuals who require extra support due to their behavioral needs. T.R.I.P.S. are provided with by appointment only.

The Imperial Valley Transportation Program offers individualized and group transportation services to and from home to community based day program activities in the region. This program is also available for individualized transportation services to San Diego County for a variety of reasons including medical appointments, family visits, or visiting alternative services due to a planned move to the area.

Crisis Services

Extra Help is on the Way.

Our Rapid Emergency Services Team (REST) located in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties provides on-site crisis intervention and training services for individuals who are experiencing severe emotional, psychological or traumatic crisis residing in any type of community setting. The service may also be provided in a community motel if the client has no current residence. We specialize in working with people with a wide range of behavioral challenges.

Community Catalysts California offers intervention services for males and females of all ages including children, who may be identified as having a history of behaviors which result in the loss of living, or day program services or other disruptive episodes. The goal of REST is to assist clients and caregivers/parents in identifying target behaviors that are interfering with the client’s daily routine, and in developing a function based treatment plan to assist in changing behaviors or teaching new skills. The length of treatment may vary based on the nature of the referral. If clients or staff needs help, they contact the person on duty and extra help is on the way.