Gift Acceptance Policy

Return On Investment

Your donation is an investment in the quality of life for people living with disabilities, Veteran Families, and our community. Your support will help them achieve their highest level of self-sufficiency and increase the sense of community for us all. That’s the real “return” on your investment.

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Butterfly Club

The Butterfly Club, Community Catalysts California’s employee and company friend donation program, was founded in July of 2002 and continues to be a resource to the people we serve. As of December 2014 the club has received over $200,000 in donations.

Many people with disabilities and Veterans are reliant on state income and often are barely able to cover basic living expenses. The donations empower people with disabilities to gain the skills and confidence to continue to live and work independently in our communities. The Butterfly Club directly distributes donations received to our clients through our Request for Proposal (RFP) program. Financial aid has been awarded to clients for a range of needs including: glasses, specialized beds, hearing aids, rent, security deposits, car repairs, medical supplies, work shoes, uniforms, adaptive equipment, transportation fees, furniture and more.

The Butterfly Club provides a way for all of those who feel they have a calling of service to empower those who are less fortunate. We encourage you to join in our efforts and continue the good work that you do in one more important way.

If you are interested in supporting the Butterfly Club and would like to make a one-time donation by check or are interested in setting up a recurring donation, please take a moment and complete a Donation Form.

Or Donate Now on our secured donation website. Your donation will directly impact our clients’ lives. We extend our sincerest appreciation to all of our donors!

Employ an Individual

Community Catalysts California supports increasing competitive employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Every day we are working hard to remove barriers and we need your help in the San Diego and Imperial Valley Counties.

Hiring a qualified person with a disability brings greater benefits beyond just filling an open job. There are solid business reasons for becoming a Catalyst Employer too. Consider the following reasons cited by the U.S. Department of Labor:

Reason #1

Businesses that employ people with disabilities turn social issues into business opportunities. These opportunities translate into lower costs, higher revenues and increased profits. Employers can increase revenues by accessing new markets, reduce hiring and training costs, and increase employee retention.

Reason #2

Customers with disabilities and their families, friends and associates represent a trillion dollar market segment. Increase your opportunity to gain a lasting new customer base.

Reason #3

Innovation is key to your business success. Employees with disabilities bring unique experiences and understanding that transform a workplace and enhance products
and services.

If you are interested in learning more or have job openings for our clients, submit your contact information to Jacque Kvapil at [email protected] and we will communicate with you today.

Provide Housing

Help us end Veteran homelessness today. We believe that every Veteran deserves a safe place to call home. Veterans Community Services (VCS) is a division of Community Catalysts California. Our primary goal is to help our nation’s military service members and Veterans transition successfully into civilian life.

The 2014 Annual Homeless Assessment Report informs that on a single night in January 2014, agencies reported 49,933 homeless Veterans. Our Veterans Community division has assisted in reducing this number from 65,645 in 2011 through our Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program.

If you have a rental property in San Diego or Riverside counties, consider participating in our program by collaborating with us to fill your vacancies. Submit your contact information and we will communicate with you today.