Catalysts change lives…it’s all in a day’s work.

The connection between a person served and our employee produces a total effect beyond the sum of its parts. True Catalysts do much more than teach a skill or create a plan. Catalysts build professional relationships that inspire clients to reach their potential. They are positive role models and encouraging souls when a client is facing a challenging day. Catalysts are committed to advocacy and ensuring client rights are respected. On a day to day basis we work guided by our core values of resourcefulness, compassion, empathy, respect and trust.

Community Catalysts has created a diverse and inclusive work environment where employees can commit themselves to a worthy mission and build a rewarding career. Always seeking to try new things, continuous improvement and change is our culture.

Community Catalysts California is an equal opportunity employer. We employ individuals who are 18 years or older and pass our background screening process.

                       Why work for CCC

 What our employees say about working for Community Catalysts of CA:

“What I like about my job is seeing how excited my clients are to work with me. I love being there for them and helping them out. I look forward to going to work every day!”

“My job makes a difference in people’s lives. I help. I teach. I encourage. I motivate. I never do the same thing each day. My clients teach me so much!”

“The staff and clients I work with are amazing ! I really appreciate that CCC does not only care for their clients, but also their employees. I love my job!”