Far too often, we focus only on the barriers for people with disabilities and at-risk or homeless Veterans. While the challenges are real, many clients are already making a difference in their communities. Read their stories here and be inspired to get involved with Community Catalysts California.

David’s Story


Please meet David. After 24 years of living in a group home setting, in 2012 he moved to his own place with Supported Living Services. When David first arrived he would not do any task, make a choice or a decision without asking for permission first. He didn’t take his medications on his own and he asked for permission to come and go from his own home.

Today David is a more independent and confident person. He is a member on the Redwood Coast Regional Center board and he is an officer for the local chapter of People First. He attends the Community Catalysts Advisory meetings and gives very good suggestions. David comes and goes as he pleases. He now informs his support staff he is leaving rather than asking for permission. He goes out to eat, goes to church, and participates in Special Olympic activities. He loves to travel and has visited places such as Disneyland, Nashville, New York, Las Vegas and he is now planning a trip to Washington D.C.

—He rides the bus to the coast to visit his family on holidays.

—David loves going to concerts and his favorite musician is Reba McIntyre.

—David now keeps track of his own medications by signing a daily reminder sheet. In the two years since moving to his own place, David has only missed signing one time.

—David works 5 days a week doing grounds maintenance.


“Community Catalysts California rocks and is great!” – Rahnemoon

“You guys have done a real good job working with me.” – Copeland

“Community Catalysts helps me maintain my individuality.” – Bausemer