The Board is responsible for all polices and stewardship of the vision. They have full fiduciary responsibility including fiscal oversight, budget approval and fundraising for the organization. The Board is made up of volunteers who have been selected and elected to serve a term of office with the possibility of re-election. They carry the “duty of care” which is the responsibility to ensure that the organization is run ethically in all areas. They must perform “due diligence” in considering strategic planning and in making other decisions. Ultimately, the Board is legally responsible for meeting all laws and standards to maintain its nonprofit status. They provide invaluable guidance and support to the administration and help us plan for the future.


James Wheeler


From the US Navy’s Submarine Service to the alumni board at UCSD’s Rady School of Management, I have been drawn to service most of my adult life.  I was actively looking to contribute to an organization that was making a significant impact in the lives of military veterans when I discovered Community Catalysts of California through a board member.  This organization’s powerful record of improving the lives of its constituents through service provision and advocacy has been established over many years of dedicated service by its leadership and employees. I feel honored at the opportunity to sustain this work through my participation on the Board.


Greg Murphy

Vice Chair

I’ve always enjoyed helping other people. Joining a board to give back just seemed like the right thing to do. This decision has proven more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. When I get to meet the people we serve, it makes it all worthwhile. The success of Community Catalysts California is only because of the hard working men and women that come to work every day. I’m constantly humbled when I witness the passion that the employees bring to better this organization.

Roberta Raasveld


I joined the Board when I was referred by a current Board Member. I reviewed CCC’s accomplishments and felt that my background in financial investments and clinical psychology could benefit this organization. It would also allow me to learn about the process and benefits of being part of a dynamic non-profit. The benefits this organization has brought to me would to be part of a team with unending dedication to their clients, to the good of their communities they serve and caring for humanity. Mr. Jenkins and his executive team have created an environment of positive, focused leadership. They have selected each of the Board Members with a purpose of expertise, but in my opinion all members share the same focus to help CCC to the best of their ability and to have fun providing that service to them. Thank you CCC!


Carey Storm


I joined the Board after I learned about the importance of its mission and accomplishments from another board member. I was impressed with the impact to the quality of life that the organization was making on a daily basis to our clients. I wanted to be part of ensuring these services continued to be available and to work to make others available as well.

I believe Community Catalysts California is a heart based organization. Meaning that the leadership leads with their hearts and their care for the clients we support, whether they are Veterans with issues from trauma or individuals with disabilities learning to care for themselves or live on their own.



Shirley Grace


I joined the Board after I was invited by a dear friend to consider participation. As a parent of a son with disabilities, I thought this was a great opportunity to give back in an area I care deeply about. There is no higher calling than those who provide support for the disabled and their families as well as veterans. I am grateful for each and every dedicated member of the Community Catalysts organization. It’s a beautiful thing when vision and commitment changes the lives of thousands, through opportunities.

David Kuhlman





The leadership staff are essential in providing daily direction and oversight to operations as well as other administrative support services to our company. Community Catalysts California maintains effective organizational leadership that helps prioritize objectives for subordinates and provides guidance toward achieving the overall corporate vision.

Jim Jenkins

President & Chief Executive Officer

Hired in 1988

Prudence Dumon

Chief Financial Officer

Hired in 2001

Claudia Hutchinson

Director of Operations

Hired in 1994

Shelley Cook

Northern California Manager, Services for People with Disabilities

Hired in 1993

Teri Geston

Regional Manager, Southern California Services for People with Disabilities

Hired in 1994

Denise Mansfield

Regional Manager, South Bay Services for People with Disabilities

Hired in 1995

JoAnn Holliday

Regional Manager, Redwood Coast Services for People with Disabilities

Hired in 2003

Angie Striepling

Regional Manager, Southern California Veterans Community Services

Hired in 2016

Sunny Meyer

Human Resources Manager

Hired in 2017