we are the catalyst like the sun

that transforms night into day.

Community Catalysts California serves clients with varied backgrounds, interests, and objectives with the common goal of realizing each individual’s personalized life plans. We advocate for, empower and support our clients to attain their employment, daily living, and social goals through our services.

Our prevailing aspiration is that our clients are confident and self-sufficient individuals who are fully integrated and respected members of the community. We help clients achieve a successful life. more »

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CCC receives 3 year CARF Accreditat …

Community Catalysts of California has been awarded the maximum three year accreditation f more »

New VCS Logo

We have a beautiful new update for everyone! We have re-vamped the VCS website with an official  more »

The DD Services System Will Receive …

On March 1, Governor Brown signed SBX2-2 (MCO Reform) and ABX2-1 (DD Funding), which will provide more »

“Community Catalysts helps me maintain my individuality.”
– Bausemer